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247235_1944267899398_2096881_nAbout the blog:

Welcome to WhyYouShouldLoveMusic! My name’s Anie, and I am a different kind of music critic. If the music is on my blog, I love it. I’m not going to tear down artists or tell you why you should hate music. There is already too much hate in the world, but more importantly, there is way too much music in the world! I always hear people talking about how there’s no original music anymore or how art is dead. It’s simply untrue! Either you don’t know where to look or you don’t know how to listen. No more excuses! I’m here to find the best songs, the best albums, the best artists, and tell you exactly why you should love music.



About Anie:
I’m Anie. I’m a musician and an avid music fan. I’ve done a lot of things with music from writing, to recording, to producing, to teaching, but my favorite is always listening. I am just a fan of the artistic experience. I tend to be an analytical music listener, but I also appreciate what I like to call “hairbrush music”. Sometimes music is an intensely active experience for me mentally and emotionally, but there are also many times that I don’t even realize I’m singing or dancing in public. I’m afraid I have commitment issues when it comes to musical favorites, but I do have hourly, daily, and weekly favorites. Check out the Weekly Charts to see my current obsessions or sneak a peek into my modern vinyl collection if you feel so inclined! If you’re curious to know what types of music influenced me growing up, go read an abridgment of my musical autobiography.

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