Christmas Playlist Part II – Lights Downtown

December is here! With the holidays upon us, I knew I’d be super busy with lots of festivities. So, in lieu of my normal Wednesday posts, I’ll be doing Christmas playlists tailored to specific holiday activities all month long.

(Apologies if you hate Christmas music or just don’t celebrate. Feel free to skip these Wednesday posts for a bit, and I’ll see you back here in January!)

For the second week of December, I’ve picked out some tunes for you to jam to while driving around, looking at the lights downtown! I’ve lived in lots of different places, but no matter where I go, the world always seems to light up around Christmastime. As a small child, I loved the magical German villages lit up in all white. When I lived in California, I would look forward to the seaside decked out in lights of every color, festive designs made of seaweed decorating the mountainous sand dunes. Nowadays when I drive downtown, it’s to watch the lighting of a 2-story high tumbleweed Christmas Tree.

In every place I’ve been, I love experiencing how individual people and whole communities display the magic of Christmas. I hope you are enjoying the beauty of the season, wherever you are!



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