Christmas Playlist Part III – Sleigh Ride

December is here! With the holidays upon us, I knew I’d be super busy with lots of festivities. So, in lieu of my normal Wednesday posts, I’ll be doing Christmas playlists tailored to specific holiday activities all month long.

(Apologies if you hate Christmas music or just don’t celebrate. Feel free to skip these Wednesday posts for a bit, and I’ll see you back here in January!)

For the second week of December, I’ve picked out some tunes for you to jam to while going for a sleigh ride! (Or more probably, to listen to in transport to and from your sledding location of choice.)

Y’all know there’s no snow where I live, but a major part of the winter / holiday season for me was always going sledding (and/or going for a sleigh ride)! My family and various friends over the years can attest to my penchant toward erratic sleigh driving and tendency to go airborne and/or injure people. BUT, we always have fun in the process. 😂 #WorthIt

I’ll try to soak up lots of sun for you and appreciate it, but if there’s snow where you live, go on a sleigh ride for me!


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