Emoji Songs: Round 3

Welcome to Emoji Songs! I type out song lyrics using as many emojis (and as few actual words) as possible, and you have fun trying to figure them out! For extra clues, check the artist tags in the post. Once you’ve figured it out, click through to find the answer and hear the full song! Commence dance party.

*Tip: Even if you feel really silly, it really helps to say them out loud. Plus it’s much funnier when you’re totally wrong. (Ex: 3. “I’m gonna hack up the prayers-es and make a pantso home.”)

1. 💵on (m’👁)💭 by Sam (⚒)



2. 😴w/ a 💔 by 🚽Mayer



3. (👖-O)🏡  by Ed (💃+🏃)



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