I’m Sorry, Brother Octopus!

Connected Through Corals by Brother OctopusI’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m really, really sorry!

Okay, y’all. A thing happened last Friday that made me simultaneously unbelievably happy and absolutely sick to my stomach. I found correspondence from a band asking me to check out their music . . . from three months ago. It had somehow slipped through the cracks, and I never saw it until this past week! The truly heartbreaking/gutwrenching thing about it is that when I looked up the band and listened to the music, it was an instantaneous obsession. This music gets me. Like, you don’t even know. This is my exact sense of humor. This is the perfect combination of weirdness and awesomeness. This band is everything I never knew I needed. I have absolutely all the love in the world for this album! So today, I am rectifying a gross injustice of mine in overlooking this ridiculously awesome collection of brilliance.


This is a playlist of all of the songs from the album that will automatically play through the whole album. To skip to a particular song, click on the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner. (My favorite tracks are  2, 4, 9, and 11!)

Why You Should Love Brother Octopus:

5. They’re Canadian. And everyone knows Canadians are cool. 😎

4. Humor! Do you know what I miss the most from the 90’s? Bands all had a sense of humor! Like weird, niche humor specific to their music. Brother Octopus fills that void for me. 1000% (That’s not to say they don’t take their craft seriously. Obvs. This is real music. It’s not just some gimmicky joke. It’s art with a certain level of self-awareness. It also happens to be hilarious.)

3. Production. A lot of fun, indie, left-field creative bands don’t have the resources or know-how to create well-produced tracks. Not so with this band! This album is fully produced and is completely devoid of horrible, cringe-inducing recordings. Instead, it’s filled with well-placed effects, thought out instrumentation and glorious electronic variety. (Dubstep bagpipes!? Smooth jazz rap? 😱)

2. Collaboration! Each track on this album features a collaboration with a different artist. How cool is that!? Answer: so cool! It makes this album super unique and fun as you get to anticipate which facet of this beautiful, musical diamond you are going to be favored with next.

1. Creativity. I am a sucker for the most ridiculously strange lyrics — but only when it works! In fact, one of my favorite games to play is “What’s the weirdest line you can think of in an actual song?” You throw out a lyric to the crowd, and somebody has to one-up you with weirdness. For example: I could start with, “I’m gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket.” You might then respond with “I just reply slow and sound like an iPhone.” Someone else might say “I’m a kitchen sink.” or “You’re qualified to fix a chair.” or “It may seem weird to pierce an old man’s beard riding a horse through space.” and so on! This album is chockfull of these gems. Here are some of my favorite lines from this album:

“This must be what it feels like to be a cheetah on drugs.” – Cheetah On Drugs (feat. The Skips)

“Do you remember when the floor was lava? Only the sofa was safe to travel.” – Hot Lava (feat. White Lightning)

“You’ll never be able to make friends if you don’t have a jetpack.” – In the Future (feat. Two Bears North)

“We lay upon the grass and stare into the stars. We wonder what they mean. We wonder who we are .” – Kings & Queens (feat. Georgia Sound)

“I feel your heart was losing faith. I’m glad you’re here. I hope you’ll stay.” – Pronto (feat. Sirens & Shelter)

“Hey, we’re rebels. Maybe we’re made of metal.” – Rebels (feat. A Gentleman’s Pact)

“Get ready. It’s about to get crazy.” – Stick Up (feat. Hidden Cabins)

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t right inside my mind.” – Rude Awakening (feat. Uncle Outrage)

“Own this earth. Don’t let it own you.” – Samurai (feat. Ego the Jackal)

“I could have had a horse if I had a farm, but I bought a keyboard.” – Synth Cowboy (feat. Jake Ian)

“Oh, mysterious. Oh, I’m serious. Oh, This universe.” – This Universe (feat. Dunna)

“You’ve already made it to level nine. Don’t quit it.” – Video Game Revolution (feat. KickupaFuss)

Check out their Bandcamp page to read through the lyrics from this album, and if you love it as much as I do, please consider supporting Brother Octopus by purchasing it! (Also available from standard digital music distribution sites (i.e.. Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc.)

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