Just Love by Us The Duo

Who Should Buy This: #UsTheFamily (Duh!), people who like bluesy soul singer/songwriter, harmony-centric music, violins, piano, and acoustic awesomeness.
Album: Just Love
Artist: Us The Duo
Genre: acoustic, indie, pop, singer/songwriter
Music Rating: 8/10
Lyrics Rating: 8/10
Sounds Like: Alex & Sierra, Oh Honey, Sara Bareilles
Interesting Fact: Michael and Carissa finally caved to the Pokémon Go fad. They’re on the best team ever, naturally.
Best thing About this Album: Michael & Carissa! Honestly, the two of them always make musical magic. From the tight lyrics, to the fun swooping instrumentations, interesting chords, and life-giving harmonies, this album is just another facet of the beautiful musical diamond we already know and love. It’s the next step in the amazing journey that Michael & Carissa share with us.
One thing I wish was different: Some of the tracks were not really my thing, but the overall package more than made up for it. Although I love the concept, I’m not really digging the music on “Safe”. I feel like it would’ve come off much better as a soundtrack, but it doesn’t quite play for me in this context. It’s a little too short for the amount of drama present. (Sorry! I know it’s your favorite, Carissa. Still love ya and this album immensely!)
Website: Us The Duo

Tracks: 11
*Singles: 3
Swears: Track #2 (Goodbye Forever) says “Hell no” a number of times.
square logo Favorites: (Stop) Just Love, Bricks, Rather Be with You, Telephone, Already Mine

This is a playlist of all of the songs from the album that will automatically play through the whole album. To skip to a particular song, click on the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner.

I’m a sucker for acoustic majesty and perfectly pitched harmonies. Of course I love this album! Even more than that, I really, really love Michael and Carissa. They are such wonderful musicians, loving humans, and so much fun! Instead of giving you a technical rundown of the album, I’ll just leave you with some of my favorite lyrics from each track and encourage you to take a listen for yourself. You won’t be sorry!

“Stop. Don’t think. Just love.” – (Stop) Just Love

“You’re cool, but I am cooler. You’re pretty, but I’m cuter . . . and smarter.” – Goodbye Forever

“Don’t wanna drown in a sea of black and white TVs.” – Bricks

“Don’t you come running back, come running back to me” – Come Running Back

“Fame doesn’t favor the smartest.” – Rather Be with You

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, don’t know who I am at all.” – Not for the Better

“How beautiful it was to me.” – Telephone

“No matter where you are, the stars are all the same.” – Look up at the Sky

“I found a home inside your arms. I’m safe with you.” – Safe

“And I miss you, even though you’re so close.” – Already Mine

“Everyone said I couldn’t, which is why I did it.” – Right Where I Should Be


That’s it. If you loved these songs as much as me, please consider supporting Us The Duo by purchasing the album from their website or on your favorite digital music store (iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, etc.)

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  • July 23, 2016 at 10:45 am

    Sooooo excited for their concert!!


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