Mind by Sleeping At Last

Track: Mind
Artist: Sleeping At Last
Genre: alternative, rock, singer/songwriter
Music Rating: 9/10
Lyrics Rating: 10/10
Overall: 10/10
Sounds Like: Amber Run, BANNERS, Lewis Watson
Interesting Fact: This track is from the Atlas: Intelligence EP, which explores different intelligences of body, heart, and mind. This track resonates with me far more powerfully (due to my own personality type), but the others are definitely worth checking out!
Best thing about this track: “In our grey matter, all grey matters.” That lyric = jaw meet floor & heart meet eyes. 😱😍 (There are a number of lines like that on this track for me, but that one probably has to be my fav!)
One thing I wish was different: I personally would’ve made different compositional choices when layering/mastering the music, but the track that we are given is so brilliantly complex and well thought out, that I can’t really bring myself to actaully ask for alteration due to my own mental biases.
Website: Sleeping At Last

Listen. If this were any other song that I wanted to write about, you could just come here and read a long-winded, entirely too technical rambling of me breaking down the lyrics and musical composition of this song. BUT I’m not going to do that today. “Why not, Anie?”

Well, I’m ever so glad you asked, hypothetical reader. I don’t feel that I have thoughts in my mind that could possibly be adequate to add to your enjoyment of this masterpiece or be more insightful than the genius himself who created this song and has already written a beautiful in-depth look at this piece of art. So . . . go read that.

“Well, Anie, what are you doing, then? Why am I reading this post on your website? I thought you said you weren’t going to write your thoughts on it?”

Yes. Very true. But I still wanted you to know about this beautiful song. And I wanted you to read the poetry and witness the beauty in the creator’s own words. And maybe you didn’t know about it yet. And that is tragic.

I am not the artist, so any insertion of my own commentary without deference would be arrogant and nonsensical at best. However, I still want to climb up to the highest elevation in my relative proximity and tell everyone within the largest possible geographic influence how amazing this track is — how amazing this project is. I am serious about reading what Ryan has to say about his work, but I will offer an introduction for incentivization and persuasive purposes.

Without further ado, I give you: Why You Should Love “Mind” by Sleeping At Last

1. This song was carefully crafted as a piece of art. It was not slapped together for maximum commercial impact.

2. It is a small piece in a larger, thematic musical project that is extremely well thought out and beautifully intricate. (Said project is just as deserving of your attention, so if you like this song…there’s more where that came from!)

3. The music expresses itself in beautiful symbiosis of electronic and organic emissions. (Dude. There’s a french horn.)

4. The lyrics are critical, clever, and creative. They all work on many levels, and the way that they play with one another is wonderfully brilliant.

5. Ryan seems like a truly awesome and genuine dude. It’s obvious that he really cares about what he’s doing. You probably want to support his work.

Now go read what he said about it.

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First, the ground rules get established:
memory is historically inaccurate.
But repetition, repetition sings
’til finally the melody is sacred, rooted, unchanged.

Patterns form and feel important,
the starting lines of a living blueprint.
All this information in formation is key
to draw a distinction between waking life and our dreams.

It overwhelms the nervous system,
this fearful constant state of comparison.
In our grey matter, all grey matters.
An embarrassment of riches in our heads,
we gravitate to black or white instead.

We were designed to send mixed signals,
one image made up of different pixels
all subject to interpretation.
’Til binary systems, binary systems run
and the vibrancy of everything becomes zeros and ones.

Patterns form and feel important,
it’s the first brush stroke of a self-portrait.




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