Monthly Spotify Playlist | Sure, Jan

It is now March, so it is clearly time for a monthly musical summation for the month of January. Because I am a punctual and sensible adult.

In any case, here’s my very first “Monthly Spotify Playlist: A playlist of songs that Anie has been listening to this month.” Or last month. Or . . . two months ago? Whatever. I’m going to start posting these at the end of the month.

It is comprised mostly of new and eclectic discoveries, but you might see some old favorites sneak in here and there. Hope you enjoy this compressed view of what’s been going in my ears.

The lovely gentleman commenter who suggested that I start doing these monthly playlists, also asked that I do videos talking about the songs I picked. So, this is a video walkthrough (and random commentary) of my monthly playlist for January. This month’s playlist is called “Sure, Jan” because I am the most hilarious person I know. *end sarcasm*

It’s almost past time to post February’s playlist, so check back soon, and please leave me any comments, feedback, or general ideas that you may have. I love hearing from you!


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