Music Reactions and Discussion feat. Sarah

My beautiful sister was visiting from the boonies, so naturally, I had to catch her up on some music. You guys get to watch her react to hearing some songs for the first time, and then we talk about said tunes!

Isn’t she the most sunshine-y person you’ve ever seen? Bless her beautiful heart!

Leave me some comments with your thoughts and feelings! Do we want more guest appearances on my YouTube channel? Let us know what you think and what you want for future vids!

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In this video, we react to / discuss:

Same Dark Places by JR JR
reaction: 1:27
discussion: 3:30
maybe we’re home by Lewis Watson
reaction: 5:30
discussion: 7:42
Heavydirtysoul by twenty one pilots
reaction: 11:05
discussion: 14:00
Fake Happy by Paramore
reaction: 21:52
discussion: 23:55

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