Sold by Apsley

Track: Sold
Artist: Apsley
Genre: alternative, electronic, indie, pop
Music Rating: 9/10
Lyrics Rating: 10/10
Overall: 9/10
Sounds Like: BANNERS, Mikky Ekko, Scott Quinn
Interesting Fact: Jacob is from Boise, Idaho.
Best thing about this track: Undoubtedly the lyrical ingenuity. I almost did a legitimate spit-take the first time I heard the second verse, because it was so unexpectedly clever.
One thing I wish was different: The music feels very chordally-driven rather than melody-centric, and I would’ve personally preferred a more specific and intentioned guidance musically to match the precision of the lyrics. That’s largely arbitrary though; it’s simply a different stylistic approach subject to personal bias.
Website: Apsley

First things first: I love it when art outwits me. It’s called becoming enlightened. I am not ashamed in the slightest, but delighted to admit that this song is smarter than me, and totally ensnared me upon my first listening. It was a well-earned victory, and I shan’t be petty enough to begrudge supremacy where it is due.

I find that the songs which gain the upper-hand on me intellectually do so through an exploitation of a human characteristic that is unfortunately present to some degree in all of us: pride. They lure me into a false sense of security by feigning a base intellect with predictability as the dominant trait, before ripping the rug out from under my thoughts and spinning my head with a twist that I never saw coming. It’s a ride I quite enjoy, and I can’t deny the inevitable humor I find in the journey every time. Mostly because I should’ve known better.

There are still rules to be followed, and victory loses its savor if it does not abide by the laws of reason and the clues that it has set forth for itself. In other words, there is no honor in an aversion merely for the sake of a change of scenery. I cannot consider myself to have outwitted your human intuition merely by potato.

See? That was no fun. But, no, that is not what is happening here. Let’s dive into the lyrical masterpiece of this song.

First verse: rhyme scheme? no. consistent beginning structure instead of correlated endings. confusion? yes. questioning.

First chorus: rhyme scheme? rigid. constricted. unyeilding. yet, still avoiding the one word you’ve been anticipating since it’s introduction. hmm…

Second verse: same beginning structure. rhyme sceme? …computing…

First line: never stopped questioning. never answers. only questions

Second line: yes. pattern perceived.

Third line: pattern locked in. ABCB with juxtaposed opposition in the first and second couplets. 99% probability of exactly predicted verbiage

Fourth line: *head explodes* …this is not what I had planned!

Second chorus: rhyme sceme? same. new words. the one I thought? no. better. now the same.

*slow clap*

This is a song about independent will and agency versus subconscious bias of societal constructs, and it makes use of your brainwashed preconceived notions of what poetry ought to be in order to blow your mind and turn what you thought was going to be “lies” into a statement of perception, perspective, and absolute vs. relative truth.

I repeat: *slow clap*

Talk about proving your dang point! You guys, he got me, and I ought to be un-got-able on this topic for all the time I waste pondering it. I mean, this is an actual screenshot, and I’m the red one.

Screen Shot | Arbitrary Societal Constructs
(Context: How I viewed family dynamics when I was 5 yrs old.)

Alright, I’ll calm down with the existentialism and talk about the music.


That’s all the words I have for this, because it seems as if the rest have been stolen away along with my heart. This song is that word personified. Not only does it have a beautifully fantastic sense of rhythm, but it seems with every moment to strike at your heart and percuss the soul.

Bottom line: I’m sold.

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Where is the fight?
Where is the love?
Where is the strength
when I can’t say no?

Are we controlled
by pressures bestowed?
Are we just a mold
of a societal code?
Is this what we’ve been sold?

Where is my life?
Where is my mind?
Where is the truth
when all I hear is views?

Are we living for gold
with a heart full of smoke?
Are we just a mold
of a societal code?
Is this what we’ve been sold?

I now see that we’ve
been told how to think
I now see that we’ve
been told how to breathe
And now I see that we’ve been sold


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