Take the World By Storm by Lukas Graham

Lukas GrahamTrack: Take the World By Storm
Album: Lukas Graham
Artist: Lukas Graham
Genre: alternative, pop
Music Rating: 9/10
Lyrics Rating: 9/10
Sounds Like: Linkin Park, X Ambassadors, Zara Larsson
Interesting Fact: Lukas is from Denmark, yo. His last name is Forchhammer. A big part of the reason why he’s a great storyteller is because he has a story to tell.
Best thing About this Track: Lyrical content in this song is fantastic to begin with, but then the bridge comes in and just takes it to a whole other level.
One thing I wish was different: As solid as this song is structurally, there’s room to tighten it up even a bit more (I’m looking at you, third line of the second verse).
Website: Lukas Graham

Okay, I know it’s Friday and I’m supposed to be all “It’s Friday, I’m in Love”, but I have been doing so… many… love songs lately. Because I’ve been doing album reviews on Wednesdays, I haven’t written any full articles on non-love-songs in a while, and I feel like I have emotional diabetes. I was really craving some musical protein today. I promise we’ll go back to sugary sonic cupcakes next Friday, but today it’s about to get real. Lukas Graham, y’all. He don’t mess around.

Let’s talk about percussion for a minute. Lukas Graham is very rhythmically driven, the percussion and piano effectively carrying the musical identity of this track. This song is a slow, epic buildup; it doesn’t show its hand too early in the track. Every second of this song provides you with additional content, context, and concept, layering and progressing. You are never left wanting with this song. You are left growing, empowered, and inspired both musically and lyrically. The end of this song is just a cosmic mic drop. There’s really no other way to say it, and I love it immensely.

I love songs that end before their resolution. They amaze me and hurt me in the best way. Songs should leave you wanting more. Art should have more to say than you can hear on the first take. In some ways it can kind of be a show-off move to let you know that it’s so good, it really doesn’t even have to try to convince you. There are songs that do that well and there are songs that try really hard to do that well. This song not only does it amazingly well, it ends at its freaking zenith. It gets you all hyped up to the point that you feel like you are soaring, and then it peaces out. But it doesn’t feel like a betrayal that has left you in free-fall. It feels like this song builds you up with empowerment and then has enough faith in you to allow you to fly on your own. It directs you towards the heavens and lets you go.

It’s very much a coming-of-age tale, and while he’s speaking of his intent to embark on his own journey out in the world, I can’t help but feel like a baby giraffe who’s learning to walk. This song takes my hand and walks alongside me. Before I know it, we’re running. ‘Round about the bridge, we are launching for takeoff, and by the end of the song, this baby giraffe can fly!

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I have always dreamt of travel
Why should we die where we were born?
Some roads are laid with gravel
Sometimes you gotta build your own

I wanna tear down boundaries
I wanna greet my enemies
I wanna see what I haven’t seen
Cause I know there’s more
I’ll take the world by storm
I’ll take the world by storm

I don’t have any answers
The more know the more I grow
I don’t know where I’m going
But I’mma search cause I see hope

I wanna tear down boundaries
I wanna greet my enemies
I wanna see what I haven’t seen
Cause I know there’s more
I’ll take the world by storm
I’ll take the world by storm

There’s got to be more than this
Gotta figure out how to jump the wall
I wanna live and learn
Don’t matter if I land or if I fall
I know on my return
At least I know I’ll be walking tall
I’m not afraid
Cause I’ll take the world by storm
I’ll take the world by storm


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