Top Ten Alternative Albums of 2017

Here’s what happened this week on YouTube:

I usually take requests for covers on my channel, but this week, I was crazy busy with the holidays approaching, and I didn’t have time to record anything. 😬

BUT, I did do a pretty awesome top ten video this week. Since the year is closing out, we’re celebrating some of my favorite alternative albums of 2017!

(Here’s a Spotify playlist with one track from each record to introduce you to my favorite 2017 alternative albums.)

timestamps, so you can skip the boring bits:
10) Only The Lonely by Colony House : 1:11
9) Revival by Vancouver Sleep Clinic : 2:25
8) Ultralife by Oh Wonder : 3:31
7) Evolve by Imagine Dragons : 4:38
6) Tail of Lions by Alex Clare : 5:26
5) Little Mess by Grouplove : 6:31
4) After Laughter by Paramore : 7:40
3) Zombies On Broadway by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness : 8:13
2) Origami by Vinyl Theatre : 9:18
1) midnight by Lewis Watson : 10:34

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Come back next week to catch up on what’s happening on my channel!


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