Top Ten Alternative/Folk Bands from Iceland

Here’s what happened this week on YouTube:

I take requests for covers on my channel! This week, I picked Brendon’s ask for an acoustic version of My Hero by Foo Fighters (based loosely on the live version).

I also did my very first Top Ten video, and it was…a bit specific. Enjoy!
(Here’s the spotify playlist that goes with this video!)

Iceland is a tiny country population-wise, but there is a LOT of incredible music coming out of there! So, I wanted to celebrate and share some of my faves. 🙌🏼

(Feel free to skip the boring bits. Here are some timestamps:)
Honorable Mentions : 2:54
10. Emilíana Torrini : 4:10
9. Low Roar : 5:06
8. Sin Fang / Seabear : 5:46
7. Bang Gang : 6:34
6. Kaleo : 7:11
5. Ourlives : 7:54
4. Ásgeir : 9:26
3. Valdimar : 9:55
2. Of Monsters and Men : 10:30
1. Sigur Rós : 11:28

How’d I do? I’d love to hear your thoughts on my list! Let me know which artists on my list you loved, which artists I missed, and whose names I totally butchered! 😆

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