Top Ten | twenty one pilots songs

Here’s what happened this week on YouTube:

I take requests for covers on my channel! This week, I picked Josh’s request for a cover of Cardiac Arrest by Bad Suns. Enjoy!

I also did another Top Ten list. These are so difficult. 😬
(Here’s the spotify playlist that goes with this video! Please excuse the two songs that are not available on Spotify. You can find a live version of my #1 tøp track here.)

(Feel free to skip the boring bits. Here are some timestamps:)
10. Car Radio : 1:42
9. Message Man : 2:25
8. Screen : 3:11
7. Trees : 3:59
6. The Judge : 5:00
5. Lovely : 6:19
4. Lane Boy : 7:33
3. Holding On To You : 9:05
2. Polarize : 9:44
1. Forest : 11:49

Thursday also brought the sad news of the passing of Chester Bennington (of Linkin Park). Somebody messaged me and suggested I do a piano cover as a tribute to him, and I thought it was a beautiful idea.

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