Vessels by Starset

Who Should Buy This: People who appreciate cinematic music, lyrical depth, musical dramatization, and don’t mind the occasional (well-placed) scream here and there.
Album: Vessels
Artist: Starset
Genre: cinematic rock
Music Rating: 9/10
Lyrics Rating: 9/10
Sounds Like: the future, philosophy, tears of joy
Best thing About this Album: The thought-provoking nature of the lyrics and beautiful range of open interpretation.
One thing I wish was different: I always try really hard to think of something critical so that I don’t come off disingenuous. I am usually able to come up with something, but I have been wracking my brain for several minutes, and I’m coming up blank. The artistry is so perfect. . . It’s definitely an album that you have to be in the right mood to listen to. That’s as close as I can get to a slight, but I don’t think I would honestly change any aspect of this album.
Website: Starset

Tracks: 14.25
Favorites: Satellite, Die for You, Starlight, Last to Fall, Telepathic
Parental Guidance: Unbecoming has some intense/macabre imagery “Eyes in the dead still water”, “Cauterized and atrophied”, “Knives in the backs of martyrs”, etc. Monster is similarly intense thematically, but with less acute verbiage.

This is a playlist of all of the songs from the album that will automatically play through the whole album (minus the instrumental intro track). To skip to a particular song, click on the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner.

This album is an amazing blend of imagination, punk rock, elegance, and pure poetry — which is really hard to explain without sounding completely insane. I tried one time. It didn’t go great.

starset texts

Nevertheless, “ignorance : slavery :: knowledge : power”, so I shall try to persevere and help disseminate The Message.

So, the band is the visible face of a fictional secret society created to spread awareness to the public about a transmission from outerspace/the future. Totally normal stuff. They’re just trying to save the world with music and science.

Despite whether you find their backstory hardcore or hilarious, analytically breaking down the content of their music — independent of interstellar shenanigans — yields amazing depths of artistry applicable to whatever reality you subscribe to.

Here are some of my favorite lines from each track to give you a better sample of the whole album:

*foreboding ambiance* — The Order

“I seek the stars above the worlds to be the guides , but they all pale against the light in your eyes.” — Satellite

“I can feel your soul fade. I can feel your heart change.” — Frequency

“Some day when galaxies collide, we’ll be lost on different skies.” — Die For You

“All these broken souls, they never make me whole. They don’t know my heart.” — Ricochet

“Stardust in you and in me fuse us into unity.” — Starlight

“It takes more than eyes to see.” — Into the Unknown

“I see the empty dreams race across the sky here.” — Gravity of You

“Is this death or rebirth? Falling back to the earth.” — Back to the Earth

“The world is cold, but it’s beautiful.” — Last to Fall

“I’m falling apart inside your holographic heart.” — Bringing it Down

“All that I was I’ve left behind me.” — Unbecoming

“You’re the pulse in my veins. You’re the war that I wage. Can you change me?” — Monster

“I don’t have a telepathic heart.” — Telepathic

“You’ll never know the beauty I see when you open your shadows.” — Everglow

That’s it. If you loved these songs as much as I did, please consider supporting Starset by purchasing the album from their website or on your favorite digital music store (iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, etc.)

And holler at me in the comments! I’d love to talk to you all about this album.


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