Vinyl Unboxing: Celestial Frequency Shifter by Anakin

This is my vinyl unboxing video for the (completely amazing) album Celestial Frequency Shifter by the (totally awesome) band Anakin, pressed by the (coolest ever) record label Spartan Records!

Massive thanks to Anakin and Spartan Records for such a cool pressing of an amazing album. Shoutout to John and his Twizzlers! Big thanks from Anie! Love you guys.

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Spartan Records

UPDATE: I totally know who John is. We go way back. I don’t know how I forgot, but John and I sent some emails back and forth a few times. He’s a cool dude. He helped me out with some questions about this order. Also, he founded Spartan Records. Thanks so much for the Twizzlers, man! You’re the best.

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