Vinyl Unboxing & Music Listening

Here’s what happened this week on YouTube:

I usually take requests for covers on my channel, this week, I was crazy busy with the holidays approaching, and I didn’t have time to record anything. 😬In lieu of my traditional tuesday video, I thought I’d do a quick video to share a bit of what the holidays are like at my house. Hint: there is a piano involved.

This week, I got some awesome fan mail from Brendon! He asked if he could send me some music he picked out for me, which was the nicest thing ever. So, Christmas came a bit early, and I wanted to share that unboxing and music listening with all of you!

In this box:
hot chocolate mix
the dapperest marshmallows you’ve ever seen

Gibson Under Mountain by Earwig (CD)
Unboxing: 0:28
Listening: 11:12

Played in Space by Something Corporate (white pressing, double LP)
Unboxing: 2:37
Listening: 12:38

Souvenir by POP ETC (black vinyl)
Unboxing: 6:54
Listening: 14:44

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Come back next week to catch up on what’s happening on my channel!


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