Vinyl Unboxing | Only the Lonely by Colony House

This is my vinyl unboxing video for the new Colony House album, “Only the Lonely”. It’s an awesome matte mustard gold pressing of a very cool alternative/pop/rock album. There are also clear contemporary christian-rock influences (as one would expect from these boys).

The album ranges from grooving frivolity to pensive depth and philosophical exploration. Overall, it’s pretty great! If you liked “When I Was Younger”, this is definitely a must-have.

Let me know if you want me to go back and do a more in depth video talking about this album now that I’ve listened to it (like a track-by-track commentary type of thing), or if you want a video on their 2014 album, “When I Was Younger”.

Huge thanks to Colony House for making such amazing music and for a truly fantastic record!

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