Vinyl Vlog: Beneath the Skin by Of Monsters and Men

I decided to start a vinyl vlog as a more informal format for music discussion. This will be most pertinent to vinyl collectors, but it also has a lot of album commentary relevant to the album in any format.

Hope you enjoy, and if you like it, hop on over to YouTube to subscribe or leave me a comment. You can talk to me about this album, ask questions, recommend music, or request specific albums and artists for me to do a vinyl vlog of!

Vinyl review starts at: 1:10
Album commentary starts at: 4:04
Track by track starts at: 6:35

I’m so sorry. I filmed this video awhile ago, and it’s very long with poor lighting. Feel free to skip through to whichever portions of the video pique your interest!

Read my written album review!
Of Monsters and Men

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