Where’d Your Weekend Go? by The Mowgli’s

Who Should Buy This: Alternative rock fans with a sense of humor.
Album: Where’d Your Weekend Go?
Artist: The Mowgli’s
Genre: alternative, indie, rock
Music Rating: 9/10
Lyrics Rating: 8/10
Sounds Like: The Griswolds, Grouplove, MisterWives, Youngblood Hawke
Best thing About this Album: The harmonies make my heart happier than a floating red balloon, and the instrumentation on each track is fun, varied, and very creative while maintaining an overall sense of cohesion.
One thing I wish was different: I strongly dislike “Arms & Legs”. It seems like a lazy acoustic track set to depressing “shock-factor” lyrics. That being said, the fact that I am not the intended audience for that song does nothing to take away from my admiration and affinity for the other ten tracks on this album. To dislike one song out of eleven is pretty impressive statistically.
Website: The Mowgli’s

Tracks: 11
Singles: 3
Favorites: So What, Spacin Out, Spiderweb, Automatic, Last Forever
Parental Guidance: Alone Sometimes says “hell” twice in the first verse and uses diety as an interjection in the chorus. Arms & Legs talks openly about sex, has two swear words, and one instance of invoking deity. Freakin’ Me Out says “it’s got me ripping off my clothes” in the reference to Summer. Monster mentions being hungover and high.

This is a playlist of all of the songs from the album that will automatically play through the whole album. To skip to a particular song, click on the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner.

With all of the kismetic energy of an alternative rock star, this album also has the harmonies of a cute acoustic café act. We are blessed with variety ranging from brilliant but brief saxophone appearances, old-school bluesy piano influences, consistent driving bass lines, the occasional horn, omnipresent guitars, and some absolutely epic vocals. Lyrically, this album spans from frivolity, to satire, to introspective intellectualism and back again. To give you a more concrete taste of the album lyrically, here are some of my favorite lines from each track!

“Anything you say a million times is gonna sound insane.” — So What

“Spacin out on the words coming out of your mouth.” — Spacin Out

“Maybe no one is the right one.” — Bad Thing

“I don’t know what to do with myself, all alone in my head.” — Spiderweb

“We’ve been through everything. Seen things you can’t believe. Now we can see the truth.” — Automatic

“Spent so long deep in love with you, I fell out of love with myself.” — Alone Sometimes

“I hope, for you, in death you trust.” — Arms & Legs

“Sometimes your good ain’t good enough. Sometimes your try ain’t hard enough.” — Freakin’ Me Out

“I know when I look at you those are someone else’s eyes.” — Monster

“Did you open up your mind, letting go of your heart?” — Last Forever

“Hold on to your heart.” — Open Energy

That’s it. If you loved these songs as much as I did, please consider supporting The Mowgli’s by purchasing the album from their website or on your favorite digital music store (iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, etc.)

And holler at me in the comments! I’d love to talk to you all about this album.

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